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We are published!!

Although the journey is not over, we reached a milestone today. Today we are officially PUBLISHED!!!

Today will be the last post asking for anyone to purchase a copy. All other posts will just Inform upcoming events or to say thanks.

We chose Veterans Day because of the importance of the meaning of serving our Country. Our book, Chop that Sh*t Up! (Remember the asterisk when ordering on Amazon) honors those I served with. I love you and proud of call you my brothers and sisters.

Please consider ordering a copy and/or leaving a review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble or both.

1. Buy it because you are curious of what is inside.

2. Order it because you want to support your childhood friend or Army brother. Instead of saying “Thank you for your service” show it by supporting one of your own.

3. Read it because you want to learn more about the heroic Soldiers I served alongside.

4. Buy it because you also struggle with PTSD or depression and want to learn more about it and see the resources to help (we list the multiple sources for help). I even put my phone number in the book if you need to reach out and talk.

5. Repeat the stories of SGT Beste, SSG Storey, SGT Quick and PFC Dietrich so they are never forgotten.

6. Honor SSG Rogers and PFC Diaz by helping to stop suicide.

7. Make a difference one day at a time, on one task, each and every day!

We are not done yet until we get SGT Quick recognized for saving the lives of his brothers.

We are not done until we can talk about behavioral health as a positive and not a negative.

We are not done. Please think about reading our book. Check out the photos of our family who have received their copy. Please send a pic of you and your copy.

Please share with your friends. the website contains links to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Indie Books

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1 Comment

Kone' Nisperos
Kone' Nisperos
Nov 11, 2023

That’s quite the accomplishment my friend. 👍👍 Congratulations

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