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Visit with David

On 01 June 2024, I finally overcame my fear and guilt and drove to Indiantown Gap National Cemetery to visit our hero, PFC David Dietrich; our “Heisman”.

It was a beautiful visit and very emotional for me personally. The true experience came after when I decided to drive to David’s hometown of Marysville, PA to see if I could find anyone who knew David.

I always thought David was basically alone growing up and I WAS SO WRONG! David was loved by his community and they honored him beautifully.

They have a “David’s Walk” at the Lion’s club park with a perfectly stated plaque. There is also a memorial highway named for David. It was awesome to visit the town and I met two people who remember David and/or his friends and family.

I look forward to returning again.

Next stop, Birmingham, AL in September to visit Marquees Quick.

Love you David.

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