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Literary Titan wrote the below editorial review of the book and I hope you enjoy it in its entirety. I did!! (Photo came from my cousin Bonnie)

Chop That Sh*t Up!, by CSM Daniel L. Pinion, is an enthralling autobiography that offers an insider’s look into the life of a U.S. Army soldier. Spanning an impressive 28-year career, from his early days as a naïve private to his esteemed position as a sergeant major, Pinion’s narrative is both raw and insightful.

This autobiography is a patchwork of human experience, weaving together tales that range from the hilariously absurd—like the incident that lends the book its title—to the deeply moving. Readers will be taken on a journey through the spectrum of military life, encountering the humor and sorrow that come with the territory. Pinion’s candid recollections serve as a poignant reflection for those considering military service and offer a dose of reality for the general public.

Despite touching on heavier themes, Pinion’s memoir offers more than just a glimpse into the military psyche. His honest confrontation with personal challenges such as traumatic brain injury and PTSD is revealing and serves as a testament to the very real struggles faced by many service members.

There is a rhythmic balance of light and dark within these pages. Pinion possesses a remarkable ability to convey the unique camaraderie among soldiers, eliciting laughter with one anecdote and drawing tears with the next. Particularly moving is the book’s conclusion, which pays homage to fallen comrades in a manner that commands respect and reflection from the reader.

Pinion does not shy away from controversy, either. His memoir doubles as an exposé, where he offers a critical eye towards the military hierarchy and shares his disenchantment with some of the leadership he encountered. Furthermore, he sheds light on the systemic failures veterans face upon returning home, especially regarding mental health support.

Chop That Sh*t Up!, by CSM Daniel L. Pinion, is an exceptional addition to military biographies and narratives, providing a voice to experiences often shrouded in silence. It is an essential read not only for prospective soldiers but for anyone looking to understand the profound sacrifices and bonds forged in the line of duty. This book, authentic and heartfelt, deserves a place on the shelf of every reader who values the depth and complexity of real-life heroism.

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